The Laturnus Girls

The Laturnus sisters moved to Spruce Grove with their parents in 2004, and now over 10 years later, they have started to build roots on their own as adults and have even launched a business together called Plaid & Paisley Littles.

We chatted with the Laturnus girls to hear why they’ve chosen to call Spruce Grove home after all these years, and what it’s like to balance running their new business with raising families of their own.



All three of you were at pretty important ages in terms of identity when you moved to Spruce Grove; Bryttanni started high school, Brandi started junior high school and Brookelyn started her last year of elementary school. What was it like to start a new chapter of your lives there? 

“Moving to Spruce Grove at such a developmental period of our lives was very forming. Starting a new chapter of our lives here was one of the best things our parents could have ever done for us. The big city amenities kept us busy, while the small community atmosphere kept us feeling comfortable and safe.”

How is it different living there now as an adult?

“Not much has changed. Spruce Grove is growing and new businesses are constantly arriving, but the friendliness of a small community is still there. Spruce Grove is small enough that you feel comfortable and connected, but it’s populated enough that you don’t run into an acquaintance every time you go grocery shopping or out for dinner.”

Brandi, what made you choose the Greenbury neighbourhood?

“I love the brownstone architecture and the environmentally friendly initiatives the community has to offer, like the wind turbines that power the street lights in our neighbourhood.”

When did you and your sisters realize you wanted to start a business together? 

“We’ve always had a desire to work together. We often joke that we are three variations of the same person, so it has always seemed like a natural fit; however, we realized we wanted to start Plaid & Paisley Littles when we wanted to buy Canadian made clothing for our littles.  It was important to us to find neutral basics for them, so that every piece in their wardrobe was being used to its full potential. We looked for pieces that were thoughtfully made and had a consistency between the garments so they could be interchanged with ease.  We realized that this was something that was not available for littles, and we developed a strong passion for bringing this concept to other mamas out there.”

What was the inspiration for Plaid & Paisley Littles? 

“Having five littles of our own inspired us three sisters to design, create and bring to life clothing items for littles that are effortlessly interchangeable. Plaid & Paisley Littles provides mamas with the simplicity of organic and ethically made baby/toddler ware, while encompassing the Parisian approach of the capsule closet: less is more.  Capsule closets are a way of removing the clutter from our closets, hearts and our minds. It’s about finding the beauty in simplicity and embracing quality over quantity, bringing us back to a time when people bought less and loved it more. Plaid & Paisley designs are thoughtfully made in Rocky Mountain House, Canada, while our rich textiles are sourced from San Francisco, USA. Our curated pieces are ‘must-haves’ sourced from entrepreneurial women around the world.”

How do you balance raising a family and running a business? 

“Balancing raising a family and running a business is very important to us. If either suffers because of the other, then we have not only failed as entrepreneurs, but most importantly, as mamas. We know that no matter how hectic the work day has been, we can always unwind and connect with nature on any of Spruce Grove’s paths and trails. This community offers the balance that a busy, young family is searching for.”

What’s a favourite spot you like to go in Spruce Grove to relax and recharge? 

“Our family’s favourite spot to unwind is Jubilee Park. It’s the perfect place to bike, take our dog for a walk or run around at the playground. We also try to unwind as a family every two weeks at Spruce Grove’s hidden gem, Porta Romana. It is a quaint, beautifully decorated, authentic Italian restaurant here in Spruce Grove.”

Why is Spruce Grove a great place to raise a family?

“Spruce Grove is nature and city living symbiotically in a friendly, beautiful community. It’s a location that littles can thrive in and families can connect. Spruce Grove is a place that just feels like home; it’s a place to plant roots.”

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